Tips for TV advertisement on the local channel

Television advertising may seem to be costly for some company especially when the advertisement is aired on the nationalized channel during the prime hours. Many small scale enterprises think television advertisement is costly than their budget for marketing campaign.

So, the best alternative that the TV commercial production company can choose in this case is to advertise on the local channel. Broadcasting advertisement on the local channel is much affordable as compared to that of the nationalized channel. But while advertising on the local channel it is important to know some essential tips. Following are some tips so that you do not find any hurdle while broadcasting advertisement on the local channel:

● Identifying the target demographic:
While advertising on the local channel you must identify your target demographic. In general, the three main demographics are the gender, age, and income level of the target customer. Apart from these three, there are some other demographics such as background ethnicity and educational status. So, before you advertise your product and service on the local channel, it is essential to make sure which demographic you should target.

● Contacting multiple local broadcasting stations:
It is also important to contact with two to three local broadcasting stations and know the details of the cost involved in the advertisement process. You can either approach broadcast stations that are affiliated with the most popular channel such as Fox TV, CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, etc. You can also directly choose an independent local broadcasting station if you found it can provide you with a potential audience. It is generally seen the cost of advertising on the affiliated network channel cost much more than that of the independent local station.

● Getting the details of the TV programs and timing:
It is essential to know about which local television program and during which time your advertisement will be aired. Generally, television advertisements are sold either on the basis of program or day parts. Day parts are nothing but the time of the day when the advertisement will be aired. For example, day part can be various time slot such as early morning (i.e., from 5 AM to 9 AM), day time (i.e., from 9 AM to 3 PM), and the prime time (i.e., from 8 PM to 11 AM). You must choose programs or day parts as per your requirement.

● Check the length of your advertisement:
It is also important to check the length of the advertisement as well. The length of the television advertisement generally ranges from 15 sec to 60 seconds. Now if you want to air a 15-sec advertisement on the local channel than it will be much less than that of airing a 60-second advertisement. Again the cost of advertisement also depends on the number of advertisement that is aired on the local television channel.

So, it is important for all the NY production companies to keep an eye on all the above-mentioned factors at the time of advertising on the local channel.