Are Online Degree Programs Respected?

Are Online Degree Programs Respected?

Several students pursuing bachelor’s degrees have busy life schedules. There can be reasons like family demands, work, or personal commitments that can make it difficult for you to attend classes in person.

Fortunately, these students can get the most out of an Online Degree Program. If you, too, don’t want to miss out on career advancement and quality education, consider an online degree course or program. However, you may hesitate to enrol in an online degree program, considering how employers view an online degree.

The question of “whether online degrees are respected” stands as a barrier between every aspiring student and an Online University. Do they have the same value as the standard on-campus degree? Read this article to unlock the truth and stats about online degree programs. So, let’s start.

The Surge In Popularity of Online Degrees Programs
Nowadays, the benefits of online learning are becoming more extensively recorded and well-documented. Consequently, virtual degrees are emerging as a significantly popular choice for students from different streams.

As per the 2016 reports of the National Center for Education Statistics:

More than 28% of college learners – almost 6 million students -took admitted to at least one virtual/online degree program at a recognized university or college.

Of these students, around 2.8 million were complete online degree students without any in-person course enrolment.

Most of the online learners enrolled in an undergraduate program, where 2.1 million online students earned a bachelor’s degree.

With many online learners contributing to the student body in top online universities and institutions, people are becoming more and more aware and driven toward these degrees.

Businesses have observed this educational trend and have changed their recruitment practices to consider all types of degree earners for vacancies.

Online Degree Programs: What Do Employers Think Of It?
Pursuing an online degree program doesn’t imply that you’ll have to compromise on quality education. Instead, an online degree course will help shape your career and give you an invaluable skillset that otherwise you couldn’t have learned from your core major.

As per the latest reports, employers find that online degree graduates possess decision-making skills, strong time management skills, and dedication to the niche. Here are a few examples of what employers may think of an online degree:

1. You Possess Excellent Time Management Skills

Several people go for an online degree due to their difficulties, preferences, or other priorities like a full-time job. To work 9-5 and take classes at night, you’ll need a perfect balance and proper time management.

Several employers find this skill to be attractive in graduates. Online degree graduates have the ability and talent to balance college/school with work and other concerns while getting the most out of the college coursework.

2. It Shows Your Decision-Making Ability
As discussed before, students mostly pick an online degree due to its flexibility. However, when you go for an interview or apply for a job, you may get asked, “what was the reason to pursue a degree online?” This is where you need to showcase and give the limelight to your decision-making skills.

Whether it was a financial decision, the need to maintain the existing career, or any family obligations, give your answer in an adequately constructed way. Statistics reveal that “answering this question unlocks the students’ decision-making skills, especially when it comes to working in versatile settings.”

3. Employers Consider Online Degree To Be The Gateway To New Career Opportunities
An online degree can be of benefit when you look and apply for jobs. If you work in your dream career field but want to upgrade your skill sets, consider an online degree. It will be the ideal solution, and plenty of employers agree with that.

Employers like Microsoft, and Amazon, understand how online degree programs like online MBA can help their employees to continue their education, enhance their skills, and bring more innovations, insights, and productivity to the table. Moreover, recent stats say that around 60% of online degree students benefit from employer reimbursement for their online tuition fees.

Despite the positive outlook of employers toward an online degree, they’re unlikely to hire someone depending on whether they’ve earned the degree online or in person. In fact, many employers don’t even care to look for the degree format at all. They simply check what degree you hold. The employer will appreciate you having an online degree, provided:

The degree applies to the field of your work
It gave the proper knowledge, skills, and credentials to help you excel in your line of work

The online degree program is accredited.
The degree is earned from a reliable and reputable school or college. This point brings us to the next section, where you’ll learn how to find a respected online degree to pursue.

Tips To Choose a Respected Online Degree
If you’re considering having your school or college education online, you may have to assess six things to determine whether it’s a respected and good-quality online degree program or not.

1. Reputation
Check whether the university has a brick-and-mortar location or is it online entirely. Online universities with physical campuses are recognized as more credible. However, employers consider it a red flag when they only find a suite or P.O. box number of the college or school.

2. Accreditation
Every employer says that accreditation is vital to credibility, and so says the Department of Education. Ensure to pick a university that is recognized, accredited, and authorized.

3. How Fast Can You Earn An Online Degree?
Be cautious about universities and colleges that offer you to get an online degree within a few months.

4. Consider The Quality of School Graduates
Ensure to research and find insights on what employers think of online degree graduates. The above section may have already given you a glimpse of their thoughts. One metric that helps find the quality of online graduates is their job placement rates.

By picking a university that is experienced, reputed, and well-known to multiple employers in the world, your online degree will get exposed to high respect. After all, where you get the degree from is more vital than how – in-campus or online.

Ending Note
So, by now, you must’ve known that online degrees get the same amount of respect as regular, on-campus degrees.

If you pursue an online degree from a regionally or nationally accredited and recognized university, consider what employers care about and give your best to elevate your skills and experience.