Prince of Wales Theatre Tickets

If you are looking for some memorable time with your dear ones then simply book your Prince of Wales theatre tickets! The mesmerizing London show, The Book of Mormon has won several awards such as multi-Tony and Olivier Award-winning. The chartbusting musical, The Book Of Mormon, is penned by the writers of South Park and ruling the hearts of theatre lovers since 2013.

The creators of The Book of Mormon are the animated sitcom’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez. The show is an enjoyable satirical musical and touches every sensitive topics such as from organised religion to consumerism, the state of the economy and the musical theatre genre itself.

The story of The Book of Mormon is set against the backdrop of a small town in Uganda. The show is a rib tickling funny London musical known for its the controversial and hilarious topics! The story revolves around two young Mormon missionaries but find their own beliefs are challenged. They are quite astonished with the cultural divide and share the scriptures with the local people. But the locals are bothered with some other serious issues such as war, famine, poverty and AIDS than religion.

After watching Avenue Q in the year 2003, the writer duo, Trey and Matt started creating the book, The Book Of Mormon with Robert. They also went for a trip to Salt Lake City and met the current and former Mormon Missionaries. When the show made its debut on Broadway, it went on to becoming critically acclaimed and earned huge acclamation from people from all across the globe.

The Book of Mormon features some of the chartbusting musical numbers such as Spooky Mormon Hell Dream, I Am Africa, Baptize Me, All American Prophet and Tomorrow Is A Latter Day, The Book Of Mormon. In the year 2011, the show made its Broadway debut and won nine Tony Awards at Broadway’s Eugene O’Neill’s Theatre. The show won awards such as Best New Musical, at the Olivier Awards in 2014. Besides running with packed houses at the London Westend, the show also enjoyed huge success in Melbourne and the United States in a national tour.