Overcoats That Every Man Should Have For the Coming Winter

These days, everyone is concerned about the latest fashion for men. An overcoat is something that every man should have to look fashionable for the coming winters. You can wear it to your office, dinner date, or just a get-together. And the best part about overcoats is that they are available in different styles that can be worn for every occasion.

Choosing men’s overcoat, for the winters, is not a very tough task. All you have to keep in mind is some of the essential characteristics, including type, fabric, color, and style.

Here we have listed the types of overcoats for men. This guide will help you choose the most suitable overcoat for every specific occasion that suits your style and personality.

Types of overcoats for men

Chesterfield –

This is the ultimate choice for those who love wearing single-breasted overcoats. It has a subtle thin line, a breast pocket on the left side, reverses of medium size, two horizontal pockets with braids and flaps, a slit on the back, and length over the knees.

This type of overcoats can be worn over professional clothing or evening suit. They are usually made with soft exquisite fabric, and often blended with wool blend and cashmere.

Trench –

This is a type of overcoat that is best to be worn in autumn, as it is incredibly light. This is also the reason why it is called a timeless model, and most men love to wear it. With time, its line has evolved, surviving various fashions for over a hundred years. Traditionally, the design consists of shoulder pads, belts, double-breast fastening, chin-strap, and a triangular brim. This versatile garment is perfect for formal as well as informal occasions.

Loden –

When these overcoats were new, only students, and intellectuals opt to wear Loden. This garment has a shirt collar, buttons in braided leather, and armhole that is hidden by stitched flaps. With the evolution of the latest fashion for men, lodens have been made to be comfortable and suitable for every age group.

Peacoat –

The peacoat is widely known as Caban and is worn since the dawn of the Seventeenth Century. Some of the features of this coat are double-breasted line with six buttons, large reverses fastened with a chin-strap, and vertical pockets. This type of overcoat makes every man look fascinating and casual. However, this type of overcoats is not too suitable for wearing to the office.

Ulster –

One of the most essential and elegant overcoats for the winters, this garment depicts a strong personality of the ones who wear it. It has large reverses, eight buttons, shirt-like sleeves, pockets with flaps, cuffs with half-belts, and two deep pleats. Ulsters are best for those who are more fascinated by more formal elegant outfits that are suitable for all business contexts.

Duffle coat –

Duffle coats are also called Montgomery, after the name of English General Bernard Law Montgomery, the hero of El Alamein. It has a hood, frog fastening, yoke with stitched fold, two big pockets, a wide and comfortable line, and length to half thigh.

Havelock –

Havelock got its name from Sir Henry Havelock, the English General who started wearing it in the Nineteenth Century. These wide and long overcoats are designed for freezing weather. It has a long cape that goes down from the collar to the elbow. This garment offers a distinctive look that is best for casual and less city-like situations.