Join Chess tournament and win real cash prices

Join Chess tournament and win real cash prices

Play chess online and win a handsome amount in just a few minutes!!!!!

Fame and wealth are the two reasons for pursuing any game as a profession. These days lots of money is involved in almost all games and you can get rich very soon if you work hard to be the top player of any game. But not all the players become professional for one or the other reason.

Does that mean the end of your skills and love for the game? No, do not just let your urge for money and interest in the game die so early as mbchess, a gaming online portal presents an amazing opportunity for those looking to earn big in chess. It does not need professionals with expertise in chess, rather a beginner too with little practice can hit the jackpot and win the real price money online.

You can easily make money out of chess even if you do not know much about the game. MbHitech solutions present an opportunity for the gamers to join a chess tournament and win real cash prices. Gamers can play for free and earn a lot of money by registering themselves with our online gaming website. Players can relish absolutely free chess gaming initially and develop skills to, later on, play for money. Go for it, test or enhance your knowledge and increase your bank balance.

Who are eligible to play online chess tournaments at mbchess

Only registered members can compete in the online chess tournaments conducted at mbchess. Those not registered are not eligible to participate in the tournament. However, computer accounts, trail accounts, and app accounts can’t compete in the tournament.
Participation in an online chess tournament needs the real name of participants. It is vital for the integrity of the tournament as well as awarding prizes. Accounts without a real names are not eligible to compete in the tournament.
Players and accounts with unruly past history are excluded to be a part of the tournament.
Also, participants in the event must buy entry into the tournament before playing.
How can you register yourself with mbchess

Primarily, register yourself with us and set up your user name and password to be entitled to play online chess game and its variants held at mbchess.

Rules to an online chess tournament

Rules to online chess tournament don’t differ much, they are almost similar. Check out some of the rules to online chess tournament –

No bye points will be offered for rounds not played by players because of late joining.
45 minutes of the time limit is fixed for each game and 60 seconds for every turn. However, it may vary from tournament to tournament and game to game.
Players cannot take more time that is fixed for the game in the tournament.
All participants are supposed to be versed with the rules of the online game of chess. Every participant is expected to go through the rules laid down on on the page of rules. Gamers will have to pay price for not following the rules of chess.
The tournament manager may as per his discretion, prohibit player to participate in the tournament for any reason.
In the case when the player touches any of its pieces, he/she is liable to move the touched piece as far as it is a legal move. A player should share or announce his intention to adjust the piece. In case when a player touches the opponent’s piece, that piece must be captured.
In online tournaments, the specific time period is fixed for each game. Each player is granted a fixed period of time for every game, which can be used as per him. After making the move, the player is supposed to hit the clock of the opponent. When a player does not make move within the specified period and the opponent calls for time, the opponent wins the game.
Tournament prize money –

The prize money for every tournament is fixed and any change cannot be made either by the gaming website. Similarly winning players too cannot ask for more than the real money fixed as a prize of the tournament. The amount is credited to the account of the winner directly after the end of the tournament.