Error Tomb Raider last night How to fix

Troubleshoot game or app installation problems on X box One:
This page describes what to try and do if you have got a haul once making an attempt to transfer X box One content.
Note if you see a particular error code or standing code, use the search box on the Error & standing Code Search page to seek out data concerning a way to solve the matter.

Solution 1: Check the X box Live service status:
If you see any alerts here, wait till the service is up and running and take a look at again.

Solution 2: check in with the proper X box profile:
Make sure you’re connected to X box Live and signed in with the profile that originally purchased the content.

Solution 3: Check the area on your exhausting drive:
View your notifications on your X box One console to create positive you have got enough area on your Winchester drive to put in the content. Here’s how.

Open the guide and choose Notifications.Note you’ll conjointly read your notifications by choosing Notifications on Home.

See if there are any notifications concerning low or out of stock Winchester drive area. X box One can warn you once you’re running low.
If there’s a notification concerning low Winchester drive area, you ought to either delete content to liberate area or add associate degree drive. For data concerning putting in place and managing auxiliary storage, see a way to manage storage on X box One.
To delete things from your exhausting drive:
On Home, open my games & apps.
Browse your games and apps to seek out the things you not use.
Highlight the sport or app you wish to uninstall.
Press the Menu button on your controller.
Select either Manage game or Manage app.
Select the installation. As an example, choose Internal Manage all. Select uninstall all.
Repeat this method till you have got enough free area on your hard drive. Note that games take up heaps more space than apps.
Solution 4: Check for a system update
If you are having issues once {trying making associate degree attempt attempting} to transfer an X box One game or app, you’ll get to update your console. As an example, if you see a “Download stopped” error, you’ll got to install associate degree update before the transfer will complete.

To see if there’s associate degree update available:

Press the X box button to open the guide.
Select System > Settings.
Select System > Console information.
If there’s associate degree update offered, it’ll be listed at the lowest of the primary column within the second button location. If not, you will see “No update obtainable.
I’m crashing at the last cut scene…
Are there any fixes for this? i might like to end the sport…
Here square measure my computer’s Specifications
CPU: INTEL I7-4770K three.5 gigahertz 8M LGA1150
MBD: MSI Z87-G41 computer MATE INTEL Z87 SATA six USB three.0 CROSSFIRE
HDD: 2TB SATA III 6GB/S 7200RPM 64MB CACHE three.5″ HD
OS: WINDOWS ten (64 bit)
Here’s the error message I received.
A fixing for tomb Raider’s Crash:
I showed it up, compete through the gap bit that i might compete at press events, and upon creating my well past the hanging LOST-airplane… the sport crashed to desktop. Uh-oh. I laid-off it up once more, and it crashed once more. I created it to the primary campsite… and crash.

It looks that the matter is with Ge-force graphics cards—I’m employing a660 Ti, and lots of different users have re-portable similar issues. Dravidian says they are acting on a fix, however within the in the meantime, I (and lots of others) have found simple thanks to build the sport stop crashing: shut down tessellation.

After toggling the tessellation switch to “off,” my game hasn’t crashed onetime. This being computer recreation, they’ll in all probability be a couple of different problems; however tessellation looks to unravel the foremost common one. whereas it looks doubtless that either Crystal Dynamics can patch the sport orDravidian can unleash a replacement driver for his or her graphics cards, within the in the meantime, to urge the sport to run while not blooming, say bye to your pretty tessellated polygons, a minimum of for a touch whereas. Don’t be concerned, the sport still appearance sensible.