Best Visual Effects Companies in UK

The visual effect is any imagery creation or a modification made for a movie or other media that are difficult to record during a live shooting. Visual effects usually are taken into the process in post-production after capturing the primary image.

VFX also involves the integration of live-action shoot and captured imagery which aid in the creation of inanimate objects, environments, creatures that appear quite realistic.

Representing fictitious scenes on screen in a practical sense is way costlier and dangerous. So with the help of compositing and animation software, a filmmaker can depict the scene or a sequence as desired.

Future of the VFX Industry

There are many best visual effects companies in London as this field has a broad scope in the UK. There’s demand for talented animators in the world of VFX and animation. Such VFX professionals get better remunerations along with exposure to multiple opportunities in VFX. They also can have an option to work as a freelancer after completion of the VFX and animation course from any institute.

There exist many opportunities to work as a game developer, advertising agency, TV, media house, and in a film production house. With further concern in the present trend, there is an extreme scope for creative animators.

In this article, we will see some of the top visual effects companies in UK.

Top 5 VFX Studios in UK:

1) Digikore

Digikore is one of the best visual effects companies in London, UK. It offers multiple VFX and animation services to its clients. It uses updated hardware and customized tools in all of its projects to deliver the best output to its clients. Digikore also offers 24*7 service to meet the adaptive need of the client’s production house. It has a very productive team of account directors, producers, planners, and creative heads, who ensures quality result to its clients. Digikore is among the best special effects companies in the UK.

2) Jellyfish

Jellyfish came into existence in the year 2001, and thereon it is one of the most renowned visual effects production in the UK. Many award-winning special effects make Jellyfish one of the exceptional visual effects production in the UK.

Jellyfish has more than 200 employees in all of its three visual effects studios in the UK and is among the reputed VFX companies that offer an extraordinary motion picture.

3) Milk VFX

Milk VFX stands third among the best visual effects companies in the UK and has branches in Cardiff and Wales. It was started in the year 2014 and is well known for creating complicated and original sequences for various feature films and high-end television scenes.

With its creative assistance to its clients on complex projects made it that one from all the special effects companies in the UK that offered best in class animation and VFX sequences.

4) Technicolor

Technicolor is a home for the world’s best visual effects brands, services, and creativity. It offers services that are customized as per specific project needs and focused on premium and ingenuity of the content. Technicolor also have varying VFX brands like The Mill, The MPC, Mikros MPC Advertising, and Technicolor VFX.

5) Union VFX

Finally, Union VFX is among the top visual effects companies in the UK, that being into existence in the year 2008 offering creative VFX services to its clients. It is located at the center of Soho, London, leading through originality, innovation, and collaboration. It has lots of skilled producers, supervisors, and artists offering stunning and desired results as per client.